Resilient Cities — conference coming up!

Labour Day.  Seems like the right day to start work again on MQblog.  Armed with advice from Kirk LaPointe (my mentor on twitter, blog etc.) am going to try to link all these different media.  And I need to apply discipline to be a regular blogger.  Am thinking about a series of themes that will suit my new job with some new approaches.  But that is for the next blog.

Right now I want to promote the Gaining Ground conference in Vancouver Oct 20-22 — the Topic is Resilient Cities: Urban Strategies for Transition Times.

As Deputy I supported several Gaining Ground (GG) conferences in Victoria and recently I attended a Gaining Ground Calgary called Energy and the Future of Calgary.  They are really great conferences — I like them because they are hybrids — a great mix of professionals, academics, business people, community folks — all with different points of view.

You can check out the conference web site at: which will give you additional current information including the registration link.

I heard Sarah Severn (one of the speakers) in Calgary — she is the Director of Horizons at Nike — their Corporate Social Responsibility Program.  Worth coming to GG just to hear her and find out what businesses south of the border are up to.

Want to keep this one short because am going to try to link the media now.  Fingers crossed.

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