World Studio…social change in action

Practivism II — Investing in the process of lasting social change.  World Studio is a marketing and design firm in NYC founded by Andrea Pellegrino and Mark Randall.  They also have created a foundation associated with their company.

The question posed by Andrea:  Is social design sustainable? And, can it be profitable?  Their whole concept is applying design thinking to social change.

What do you have to think about if you want to finance non-client-based projects?

  • A collaborative relationship
  • Budget and marketing
  • Materials for the “pitch”
  • Leveraging of current relationships
  • Research partners
  • Flexibility

Andrea presented a Case Study to illustrate these points – called the URBAN FOREST PROJECT in New York City.

From the web:  The Urban Forest Project is a series of unprecedented outdoor banner exhibitions taking root in cities around the world. In each location, artists, designers, students and the general public will employ the idea or form of the tree to make a powerful visual statement on banners that will be displayed throughout the community.

Here is an example of one of the banners — all of them are show on the site.

What I really liked was that the banners (when display was finished) were turned into bags that were sold.  Recycling as part of of the economic cycle.

Message for me — it is about connecting the dots and about relationships.  Wondering about this idea for Vancouver and its bright green future?

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