SF Movie menus…reserve seats + wine + dine

Continuing to experience the  SF cultural landscape, we ventured out to see Avatar in 3-D at the Sundance Kabuki Theatre in JapanTown.  http://www.sundancecinemas.com/

This is a Robert Redford innovation — wining and dining and reserved seating at the movies.   One of the floors of the theatre is restricted to the over-21 set — there is a bar and also dining rooms (not visited by us).

It was so amazing to get a class of wine in one of those non-stem-type wine glasses (to avoid spillage on carpets?) and don our 3-D glasses in our reserved seats (no fussing over getting there early and where to sit).  I even broke my January no-wine discipline for this experience!

Could we do this wine and dine at the movies thing in Vancouver?  It would diversify our choices of movie experiences for sure.  Why not?  I guess maybe we need someone like Robert Redford to negotiate the liquor rules and regs but that should be manageable.  Maybe it is an idea for the Ridge?

Am amazed at the popularity of Avatar… it is actually not my kind of movie — but I did love the 3-D part where the flotsam and jetsom float almost close enough for you to touch.  Am seeking out more 3-D experiences…

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