Another San Francisco urban publicway…

Sunday has turned into food shopping day in San Francisco because it is such a great experience — at least we have made it so.  A couple of weeks ago in desperation I googled Whole Foods — and found one not so far away.  In fact in walking distance via a wonderful urban path or public way — past the SF Museum of Modern Art — and through the bold urban design move that is the Moscone Convention Centre and the Yerba Buena Gardens.

Yerba Buena Gardens is the name for two blocks of public parks located between Third and Fourth, Mission and Folsom Streets in downtown San Francisco, California. The first block bordered by Mission and Howard Streets was opened in 1993. The second block, between Howard and Folsom Streets was opened in 1998. A pedestrian bridge over Howard Street connects the two blocks, sitting on top of part of the Moscone Center convention center. The Yerba Buena Gardens are owned by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and were planned and built as the centerpiece of the Yerba Buena Redevelopment Area.IMG_0063

This photo was taken today — Paul Groth (noteable Berkeley professor and cultural landscape guru) told us that spring comes to San Francisco on Feb 6.  Sure enough — here we are on Feb 7 and many trees are in bloom.

The path to Whole Foods through the urban landscape of Yerba Buena includes The Samovar Tea Lounge where we have established the habit of stopping for tea and really tasty food en route to Whole Foods (better to shop when full, rather than hungry).

Dave in front of Samovar Tea Restaurant

Dave in front of Samovar Tea Restaurant

Whole Foods itself is probably not that different than the ones in Vancouver/West Vancouver — but it seems different here.  Given our kitchen situation it is great to find good food that is semi-prepared.  So we stock up on great California fruits and vegetables – and, of course, you can sensibly even buy decent wine at Whole Foods.

Yerba Buena Path

Yerba Buena Path

Again – the experience of getting places in SanFrancisco is full of diversity and options.  The city has invested in the public realm and people (citizens and visitors alike) use it and feel ownership of it — as they should.

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3 Responses to Another San Francisco urban publicway…

  1. wendy hough says:

    Dear Moura,
    Are you in SF? I came across your name by complete chance (“I” being a student from UBC days of Landscape Architecture). If you are speaking at the Berkeley CED I would love to attend, I am here in the Bay Area. The UCB site isn’t giving me much to go on though. You must be busy, but if there is a way to let me know if there is a lecture of yours open to the public?…I almost emailed Robert Sabbatini to see if he knew you were around, we had worked at Sasaki together a few years ago now. Sorry if this is an inadequate venue to contact you. I hope you are enjoying the sights. I used to take lunch in Yerba Buena gardens most afternoons when I worked around the corner. Outdoor performances, the museum exhibits, the concerts at the church across the street and now the Jewich museum, or sitting up in the higher plaza to get away from the street. I love it there.

    • Moura Quayle says:

      Hi Wendy:
      Yes — am in SF for a couple of months on sabbatical at UC Berkeley. Would be great to see you. I am doing a lecture at CED Berkeley on Feb 24 — don’t think it is up on their web site yet. My email address is if you want to get together for coffee sometime. We are living in the Embarcadero area. Great to hear from you,

  2. Kari Holmquist says:

    Dear Moura,
    Your upcoming lecture at UC Berkeley is now up on our website –
    Kari Holmquist
    CED Webmaster

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