Pacific Coast Collaborative Action — Vision 2030

While Friday Feb 12 for most people was red-circled on their calendars as the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics — it was double red-circled on mine as the meeting of the Pacific Coast leaders.

It was the culmination of the year that I spent working on the Pacific Coast Collaborative Commission.  The Commission led BC’s participation in the Collaborative — and we also performed the secretariat functions that pulled together our partners and the Memoranda of Action that were signed on Friday.

We have had a web site for some time but now there is actually “current info” on the site:  The web site is intended as a portal for all of the partnership activities that go on year-round.

You can find the Vision 2030 Discussion Paper and the Action Plans on the site.  I’m going to blog a couple of times on this topic.  This one focusses on the Vision paper.

While any collaborative work of this kind is just that — a collaboration — I want to give credit to Paul Irwin who was seconded to the Commission from the Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development.  Paul held the pen and had the patience and talent to pull the paper together.

The Vision 2030 paper is intended for comment and discussion — a piece that hopefully will be refreshed each year when the Leaders meet.   It is organized in a way that paints a picture of what the mega-region (hard to find the right word for a region that stretches from Alaska to California) might look like in 2030.  The headings are as follows:

A Sustainable Regional Economy in 2030

  • Creating Green Jobs
  • Building Economically Sustainable Communities

An Innovative Economy

  • Creating Regional Networks of Innovation
  • Providing Innovative Education and Skills Training

A Low Carbon Economy

  • Promoting Renewable Energy
  • Accelerating Clean Transportation
  • Connecting High Speed Rail
  • Utilizing Green Ports

A Conservation Economy

  • Building a Smart Grid
  • Constructing Green Buildings and Communities
  • Getting to Zero Waste
  • Promoting Resource Conservation

A Secure Regional Economy

  • Establishing Emergency Management Systems
  • Adapting to Climate Change

To quote the Vision Paper Summary

The Pacific Coast Collaborative…provides a mechanism to leverage these individuals strengths and our existing ties to realize new opportunities for economic growth and prosperity for all.  Through this process, the jurisdictions further enhance opportunities for citizens:  speaking with one voice to our federal governments as necessary and building global recognition as a clean and sustainable region in the Pacific Century.

Comments are welcome to the Premier and Governors — to the Premier at

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