Action Plan on Ocean Conservation and Coastal Climate Change Adaptation

The second Action Plan was in some senses easier to deal with — partly because California, Oregon and Washington had already signed on to the Western Governor’s Agreement on Ocean Health. So it was possible to have the discussion with Alaska and BC about what they could sign on to in the agreement.

There are 3 sets of Actions:  Ocean Health and Conservation,  Coastal Climate Change Adaptation and Ocean Research and Innovation.

Favourite actions include:

  • Co-operate on the prevention and clean-up of marine debris.
  • Co-operate to prevent or reduce the spread of invasive species.
  • Collaborate on best practices for reducing risks from toxins and non-point source pollution.
  • Research and share data on impacts from possible changes to marine and coastal environments and changes in ocean acidity.
  • Support sharing of ocean research and innovation including seafloor mapping.

This last one is of interest given the significant investment that both the Province of BC and the Government of Canada has made into NEPTUNE and VENUS — the seafloor observatory project run by Ocean Networks Canada.

The encouraging piece to me is that California, Oregon and Washington already have a strong working group at the staff level — and BC has been invited into that working team.  Let’s hope we see some real progress in improving ocean health in the next year.

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