Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

Who would have thought we would find ourselves on Lavendar Hill in Battersea on a Friday night in May.  But we used the lure of possibly finding a “souvenir” of our London trip at the Battersea Contemporary Art Fair  And we did.

Of course part of the souvenir is the experience of the trip itself.  Taking a tube line south for a change to Clapham Commons.  I am learning a lot about the history of London via my physiotherapist.  He seems to be highly knowledgeable about most of London.  He told me that his father had to visit an “auntie” beyond Clapham Commons in the 60s and it was a dangerous place at that time.  Now, however, it is becoming gentrified like many areas within striking distance of the city.

Here are some examples of the work at the fair.  We bought a painting from Hana Horack (30cmx3cm) which spoke to us as only paintings can at a certain time and certain place.

And here is Hana — I think you can see our painting (or something like it) in the bottom left hand corner of the photo.

Hana Horack -- artist and a sense of the Air Fair sapce

Hana Horack -- artist and a sense of the Art Fair space

All-in-all — a great experience to finish off the week.

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