The Duomo.  MonteNapoleone and Della Spiga.  Great pizza.  Classic universities. Neighbourhoods like Brera.  Finding little trattorias where the menus aren’t translated.  Learning how to say our room number in Italian — sei-cento-venti.  Walking forever.  Remembering the last time we were here.  Maybe we were Italians in another life?

We are now about to  leave Barcelona for Paris — so Milan is now but a memory.  It was been a busy time (thus no blogs).  I gave two lectures — one to the Italian Association of Landscape Architects about the Pacific Coast Collaborative and Vancouver’s Greenest City Initiative — and the second one to a class of 100 students — combo of graduate students from the University of Milan and undergrads from the Politecnic di Milano.  All architecture, landscape architecture and planning want-to-be’s.

When I asked them at the end of the session how many of them were on twitter — the answer was only one.  Perhaps twitter is a North American phenomena?  More had face-book pages.  They were an alert group given the fact that the room was boiling and muggy!

Took every chance to walk through the Galleria and the Duomo Plaza — such memorable spaces and often a short cut to where we wanted to go.

Galleria facing the Duomo Plaza

Galleria facing the Duomo Plaza

Duomo in Milan

Duomo in Milan

Always interested in transportation — to get to my meetings I used the Metro and the train system — didn’t have a chance to use the streetcars — but they are well used by the Milanese.  And fun to see the old and the new side-by-side.

The old and the new -- streetcars in Milano

The old and the new -- streetcars in Milano

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