Business education meets fashion

Several weeks ago FT  had a piece on fashion, business and law.  It talked about New York’s Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (LIM) introducing a new MBA focusing on fashion management.

The fashion industry has been oriented toward creativity, but a business education is also needed to evolve and flourish.  Fashion is a business;  creativity plays a large role, but without business knowledge, prospects for success are limited. Dr. Milan Milasinovic, dean of graduate studies and continuing education.

Here’s the link to LIM:

The London College of Fashion will be launching a new 2-year MBA in fashion in April 2011.

Fashion companies have to operate in a post-financial crisis economy, demonstrating creativity and leadership in the management of their businesses.  The subjects will provide opportunities to reflect on how knowledge can enhance performance in their companies. Tim Jackson, Principal lecturer overseeing MBA development

And here’s the link:

Sometimes when I think about what I wished I had done in my career — I sometimes imagine what it would have been like to be a fashion designer.  But I somehow think “liking” clothes isn’t quite enough of a leg-up in the fashion industry.

Anna Ruth Figgins – London College of Fashion

Theresa Marie Carey — London College of Fashion (costume and makeup!)

But interesting to see that there is acknowledgment around the importance of connecting business education with a range of discplines — like fashion.  Wonder whether the topic of sustainability has entered into the fashion schools in any meaningful way?

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