Copenhagen vignettes

We’ve been home from Copenhagen a couple of week now. I started this blog when we’d been in Copenhagen just over a month.

Anyway — starting to feel like we own the place — at least we have a pretty good sense of what is where.  Have been blogging on the site because of the richness of interesting and new findings in that area at the Copenhagen Business School.

Here are just a few vignettes from our experiences over the last month…

Osterport train station


Bicycle City.  We are staying close to the water/port in a redeveloped area of Copenhagen called Amerika Plads (that is like “place” not plaid pants — Danish is a difficult language!).  We walk for 10-12 minutes to the Osterport Train Station (conveniently it has an IRMA grocery store right there) and then we take the train (which comes every 1-2 “minutters” one stop to Nørreport Station where we change for the relatively new metro and travel 3 stops to Faranvej -one of the 3 metro stations that services the Copenhagen Business School.


After we did your train-metro adventure each morning, we’d visit Tor for morning kaffe.  His kaffe and juice bar and his conversation helped us have a good start to the day in Copenhagen.  We were also pleased to leave our English magazines (Monocle) and newspapers for his other customers.  We miss him!

torIf you are in Copenhagen you can find Tor at the exit of the Fasanvej metro stop.

Our CBS offices were is in the renovated porcelain factory of Royal Copenhagen/Georg Jenson.  So that was fun too.

the CarportTHE CARPORT has quite a significant collection of scotches and whiskies.  We came upon it on one of our bicycle trips.  Dave sampled.

Bella Sky Hotel

BELLA SKY HOTEL — we visited thanks to a couple we met at CBS who wanted to explore this newly opened hotel on the outskirts of Copenhagen.  It is adjacent to the conference centre where COP15 was held.

We had a drink in the top floor bar.  And wondered what it would be like to walk from the metro station in the dead of winter — the connection isn’t close.

From Bridgette Meinhold’s blog:

The Bella Sky Hotel and Conference Center, designed by 3XN Architects, opens next Monday in Copenhagen, becoming one of the largest hotels in Scandinavia. The dramatic twin towers twist and lean as they reach for the sky allowing all of the guests optimal views over the nature park ‘Amager Common’ located nearby. The triangular patterned facade, which may be a little on the wild side, was designed expressly to minimize solar heat gain and maximize energy efficiency.

postcard streetTHE POSTCARD STREET

Finally, the iconic view of Copenhagen.  We cycled and walked through many times but never stopped.  Too many tourists!  Doesn’t take long to think you are more than a visitor in a wonderful place like Copenhagen.

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