St. Petersburg: a surprising Port experience

Russia.  Hard not to think about the cold war, the vastness of the country and vodka — not in that order.  We were in St. Petersberg for 3 days.  Probably I’m the only person that found the arrival and departure the most beautiful and exciting.  St. Peterburg is truly a beautiful city — who knew that it has more bridges than Venice.  And, that the bridges along the Neva River “open” from something like 1:30am-5:30am for ship traffic.  So if you get stuck on one side and your abode is on the other — tough luck.

We were having our first cruise experience on the Seabourn Sojourn — a 1-year old ship that has its own desalination plant, 4 engines (usually uses 2) and so on (I went on a tour of the bridge).  350 passengers or so and almost as many crew.

On the morning of our arrival in St Petersburg (after a day of cycling in Helsinki), I woke up early and noticed that land was almost so close you could touch it.  And the port activities amazing.


St. Petersburg cranes -- major port and ship-building

purple crane2

A wonderful purple crane...the port aesthetic

I loved the colourful purple crane — and the positioning of the St. Isaac’s golden dome in the distance.

Departure from St. Petersburg required 2 tugs — both bow and stern.  Although we learned during the tour of the bridge that this was really just an abundance of caution and the ship could really turn on a dime with the thrusters.  But I am a tug fan so it was okay with me.

croped stern

The tug on the stern with some of the Neva bridges in background

Next blog about the Erarta Contemporary Museum & Gallery.

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