The joy of habit

Trying to get back into the City Reflections blog.  Had lunch today with our wonderful young friends Ayesha and Rumee at Finch Tea House — Pender@Homer.  I had a great brie, pear, walnut plate (complete with baguette).  All of the rest of the orders looked good.


I am in wonder at how Ayesha and Rumee find new places in the downtown to explore.

Dave and I seem “stuck” in our routines.  For example, Saturday lunch is at Scuie — at Pender & Howe.  Or is it the joy of habit.  The routine.  Knowing what is going to happen.  I think partly it is the people at Scuie.  Well — it might be the great pizza.  But when you go every Saturday for lunch, you get to know the people who help you.  First of all Emiliano — who has now abandoned us in favour of working Monday-Friday at the Scuie in the HSBC building at Georgia & Hornby.  Now we know Rodrigo and arghh — have forgotten his wonderful Italian name.

That is it.  We feel like we are in Italy – just for an hour or so.  How great is that in a city on the west coast of North America.


We usually have the pizza.  Sometimes I have a glass of their red wine.  The space is right too.  Outside and inside.  The right size.  Generally the right volume.

It just feels like the weekend.  How great is that!

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